Buy Seasonale Online (Alesse)

Uses as a Drug

Seasonale is a drug used for the prevention of pregnancy. However, it does not protect the user from sexually transmitted diseases (e.g. Chlamydia, genital herpes, genital warts, gonorrhoea, syphilis and even hepatitis B) and HIV (AIDS).


Take one Seasonale pill every day, at about the same time until you have finished your pack. Make sure that you do not skip pills even if you experience mild side effects such as bleeding, spotting or queasiness. The pill may take getting used to. Do not skip even if you rarely have sex.

Safety Precautions

Consult your doctor before taking Seasonale. Talk to him about your full medical history if possible. Tell him if you are breastfeeding. The pill passes through breast milk and may affect your baby.

Missed Dose

If you miss a dose, you may get pregnant. You increase your chances of getting pregnant by missing more doses. Make sure that you do not drink two pills more than 24 hours apart. Use backup contraception if you are vomiting or have diarrhea.

Side Effects

Seasonale may have some side effects. It may cause higher blood pressure or a darkening of the skin, especially that of the face. Other side effects, which may not be serious, include breast tenderness, depression, dizziness, change in appetite, headache, loss of scalp hair, rash and vaginal infections. You may also experience an allergic reaction

Drug Storage

Store Seasonale at controlled room temperatures between 20 to 25 degrees Celsius (68 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit). Keep the pack away from the reach of children.


Immediately call your doctor or pharmacist if you or someone else overdoses on Seasonale. Overdose can cause queasiness and withdrawal bleeding in women.

Other Information

You will be asked to provide your full medical history before you can be prescribed oral contraceptives. You need to get checked at least once a year.