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Uses as a Drug

Temovate cream is a topical anti-flammatory cream used to reduce the symptoms of skin conditions. Such symptoms include swelling, itching and redness.


Apply a small portion of the cream to affected areas two times a day. Before the application, however, affected areas must be washed clean and dried. Rub the medicine thinly on the affected areas. Make sure that the distribution is even. Do not cover or bandage the treated areas. If cream gets into contact with your eyes, flush your eyes with water.

Safety Precautions

If affected areas do not improve or even get worse, go back to your doctor for advice. Inform your doctor as well if you pregnant, planning to get pregnant or breastfeeding. Your doctor will either advise you against taking Temovate or assign a special dosage with proper monitoring to you.

Missed Dose

Even though Temovate is just a cream, do not double dose. Take missed dose when you remember but skip it is almost time for the next scheduled application.

Side Effects

There are no serious side effects that bodily system associated with Temovate cream unless you use large amounts at a long period of time. You may, however, experience blurry vision, fatigue, insomnia, irregular heartbeat, mood changes, seeing halos around lights or weight gain. Your skin may also blister, burn, itch, peel or turn red. Keep using Temovate but talk to your doctor about your side effects. Prolonged use of the medication can cause redness, thinning of the skin and stretch marks.

Drug Storage

Keep Temovate cream at room temperature. It should be placed away from heat and moisture and from the reach of children. Discard expired medication at once.


If taken for a long period of time, Temovate can cause Cushing’s syndrome or other disorders. Call for emergency medical care if you suspect overdose.

Other Information

Make sure that the treated areas are allowed to circulate. So, do not bandage or cover.