Synalar Cream

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Uses as a Drug

Synalar Cream is formulated to alleviate symptoms of certain skin conditions. Symptoms that it can relieve include redness, itching and swelling.


Apply a thin layer of cream on affected areas. Spread the medication evenly by gently rubbing the medicine all over the area. Wash your hands thoroughly after application. Of course, you do not need to do this if your hands themselves are being treated. Do not wrap or tightly cover affected areas unless your doctor says to do so.

Safety Precautions

If your skin does not improve or even gets worse during the course of your treatment, consult your doctor. You cannot go over the maximum period that your doctor initially advises you to follow for your treatment. Consult your doctor if you are breastfeeding. Avoid contact with eyes.

Missed Dose

Do not double dose on the cream. This means that you can take the cream as soon as you remember missing a schedule. However, if you remember when it is nearly time for your next scheduled application, you should just proceed to the next scheduled application and completely skip the missed one.

Side Effects

While being treated with Synalar cream, you may experience side effects that also involve the skin. Side effects include burning, itching, swelling and redness. You may also experience skin discoloration and thinning.

Drug Storage

Store Synalar cream at room temperature. The storage area must be away from heat and light and must be out of reach of children.


If you suspect an overdose or ingestion of the cream, immediately call the nearest poison control center or emergency medical services. Swallowing the cream may have dire results.

Other Information

Do not recommend the medication to others even if it effectively heals your skin condition. Only a doctor can determine whether or not you should use the cream given your personal medical history.