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Uses as a Drug

Protopic is a prescription drug used to treat eczema that has been specifically diagnosed by a doctor. Do not take if you only suspect that you have the skin condition.


Apply only a thin layer of the medication on the skin areas that have been diagnosed by your doctor as affected by eczema. Completely cover these areas as much as possible.

Safety Precautions

If you are being treated with Protopic, avoid contact with sunlight, sun lamps and tanning beds. Do not get treated with either UVA or UVB light. Wear protective clothes that cover the affected areas if you need to go out. You may ask your doctor to recommend you any type of protection from the sun you can use.

Missed Dose

Apply Protopic when you remember to do so. There is not a lot of room for missed doses with this type of medication.

Side Effects

With Protopic, you may expect side effects such as a burning feeling, itching, soreness and stinging. The range of severity will range from mild to moderate and usually experienced during your first few days of Protopic treatment. As your skin heals, you will feel fewer side effects.

Drug Storage

Store Protopic at room temperature, specifically between 59 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not expose the medication to both cold and hot weather. The cap of the tube must always be tightly closed after every use. Keep Protopic away from the reach of children.


While it is unlikely for a patient to experience an overdose with Protopic, contact your doctor or emergency medical services if you suspect overdose or if you are experiencing unusual symptoms.

Other Information

Only use Protopic according to your doctor’s instructions. Do not recommend or lend your medication to anyone else. They must also be diagnosed by a doctor for eczema before they can use Protopic.