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Uses as a Drug

Kenalog is a drug used to treat and cure common mouth ulcers. It is efficient because it is able to target specific areas in the mouth that need the treatment.


Apply just the right amount to spread over your mouth ulcers. Choose a convenient time such as before going to bed after having already brushed your teeth. This way, you do not have to wash off Kenalog right away. You may apply the medication during the day as well but do not go over 4 applications within a 24 our period.

Safety Precautions

If you are pregnant, planning to get pregnant or breastfeeding then you should inform your doctor before proceeding to a Kenalog treatment. Note that you cannot eat or drink right after an application of Kenalog.

Missed Dose

Application schedules are easy to manage. Apply Kenalog on your ulcer as soon as you remember not applying the medication earlier.

Side Effects

Though Kenalog is a topical treatment, it may still cause side effects especially if you have been using the medication for a long period of time. Large amounts of the ointment may have already absorbed into your body. It is more likely for infants or children may experience side effects. Immediately notify your doctor if symptoms persist, worsen or are unusual.

Drug Storage

Keep Kenalog out of the reach of children, in a tight container that is placed away from heat and moisture. The storage temperature should not go over 30 degrees Celsius.


Call for emergency medical assistance as soon as you suspect an overdose or if someone, most likely a child, has ingested the product.

Other Information

You should not apply the product for more than five consecutive days. You should contact your doctor if you still have symptoms beyond the maximum period of treatment.