Uses as a Drug

Dovonex Cream is a topical medication formulated to treat plaque psoriasis, which is known to be the most common form of the disease. Plaque psoriasis may display symptoms such as inflamed, red skin with silvery scales. These scaly skin patches can be usually found on the arms, legs, trunks and scalp.


Apply a thin layer of Dovonex cream on the affected areas twice a day. Rub in completely to ensure that the skin absorbs the medication.

Safety Precautions

Immediately discontinue use of Dovonex cream if you experience irritation. Dovonex can cause temporary irritations on the unaffected areas that surround the affected spots and lesions. Only use the cream as prescribed. So, do not self-prescribe for other skin diseases.

Missed Dose

If you miss the last scheduled application, take it as soon as you remember. However, if it is nearly time for your next scheduled application, skip the missed application and proceed as planned.

Side Effects

Dovonex is fairly tolerable as a drug. So, side effects are rare. However, some of the side effects may also affect the skin. These side effects include dermatitis, pruiritus, rash and skin irritation.

Drug Storage

Store Dovonex cream in controlled room temperature. Keep away from moisture and heat. So, do not store the cream in either the bathroom or the freezer.


As with the side effects, an overdose of the cream is rare. If ingested, however, or if you are feeling a little strange, immediately call your doctor.

Other Information

Wash your hands thoroughly before and after cream applications. This is to ensure that your hands are clean before application and that your hands will not spread the cream after application. Make sure that you do not get cream on your eyes and face. Follow your doctor’s instructions carefully.