Diprolene AF

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Uses as a Drug

Diprolene AF cream is a topical prescription drug recommended to patient who are 13 years or older. The cream is used to relieve itching and inflammation caused by corticosteroid-reponsive dermatoses.


Apply Diprolene AF Cream to affected areas once or twice a day. Only use a thin layer, which you will rub gently until it is completely absorbed. Do not cover or bandaged the treated area.

Safety Precautions

Only use Diprolene AF cream as prescribed by your doctor. Use it to treat the condition that you are specifically diagnosed with and prescribed for. Do not go over the recommended treatment period.

Missed Dose

Because Diprolene AF is in the form of a cream that is only used once or twice a day, it is unlikely for you to miss a scheduled application. However, if you do, apply the medication as soon as you can remember. If it is nearly time for the next scheduled application, whether because it is already the following day or several hours after the missed dose, skipped the missed application completely and proceed with the next scheduled application.

Side Effects

There are some serious side effects associated with Diprolene AF cream despite the fact that is a topical medication. Serious side effects include skin atrophy. Symptoms of skin atrophy include bruising, shininess and telangiectasia.

Drug Storage

Store Diprolene AF Cream between the 2 and 30 degrees Celsius range. Keep away from the reach of children.


If you suspect that you or someone else has overdosed, immediately call for emergency medical attention. Diprolene AF cream can be absorbed in significant amounts that are enough to produce systemic effects.

Other Information

Inform your doctor if you are oversensitive to ingredients in corticosterioids and betametahsone dipropionate. You may not be able to use Diprolene AF cream, depending on your doctor’s final decision.