Uses as a Drug

Zovirax is a prescription drug that is used to treat different herpes infections and also to treat herpes zoster (shingles) and chickenpox. It treats but not cures herpes infections by alleviating the symptoms of the condition, such as pain and itching. Topical Zovirax also alleviates pain and itching but does not prevent the sores from appearing again. Oral Zovirax, on the other hand, decreases the frequency and severity of the sores. It is only used by those with severe cases of herpes infections because it poses the possibility of adverse effects.

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It is important to start with your Zovirax topical treatment as soon as symptoms appear. Wash your hands thoroughly before and after each application. Use a glove or a finger cot during application if you are not going to use a cotton swab. This helps prevent the virus from spreading. During the application, make sure that you completely cover the sores. Make sure that you avoid getting some cream in the eyes while doing it. Apply the topical cream every 3 hours or 6 times a day for a full week or as prescribed by your doctor. Continue with the treatment even if you feel better before the prescribed duration is up. Sores must be kept clean and dry. Irritation can be prevented by wearing loose clothing.

Safety Precautions

During your consultation with your doctor, inform him about your full medical history. Your medical history includes present conditions and medications. Mention pregnancy, desire for pregnancy or intention to breastfeed. The effects of the drug on the unborn child and the breast feeding baby have not yet been determined. So, it is best to keep safe.

Missed Dose

Take or apply the missed dose as soon as you remember. However, skip the missed dose or application if the next scheduled on is nearly due.

Side Effects

When using Zovirax topical, it is rare for a patient to experience serious side effects. An allergic reaction, however, is considered serious and requires emergency medical attention. Less serious side effects include burning, itching, stinging or a rash. These will likely disappear quickly. Inform your doctor about any symptom that worsens or persists.

Drug Storage

Store Zovirax at temperatures below 25 degrees Celsius but do not refrigerate.


It is unlikely for a patient to experience an overdose on this topical ointment. If a patient, however, overdoses or ingests Zovirax, call poison control immediately.

Other Information

Do not take Zovirax cream if you are hypersensitive to propylene glycol or acyclovir. The drug is at its most effective if taken within 48 hours of the first appearance of symptoms.

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