Pain Relief

Pain Pain Go Away! Come Back another day!

Physical pain is a warning sign that something is wrong with our body. It is often transitory while the body heals itself, or until the infliction causing the pain has been removed., But it can be hellish to bear and prevent us doing the normal activities of our life.

More than one-third of all Americans are estimated to suffer from chronic pain. Indeed, roughly 34 million adults suffer from arthritis pain, low back pain, neuralgia or migraine headache to the extent that they take prescription pain medication every day.

Painkillers, (not to be confused with opiods) do just that. They kill the pain at the location of the injury and while they don't help in the healing process, they let you carry on as your normal pleasant self, while the body goes quietly about repairing itself. Pain relief medication that requires a prescription need to be taken as directed by your doctor. Some medication, such as Tramadol need no prescription in some places and prescriptions in others. Make sure you know the regulations of your state before ordering online.Remember, if the pain continues to persist during and or after, see your doctor.

No matter what type of pain you suffer from, it's important for you to learn the most effective way to relieve or manage it. Pain can be managed through effective medication, lifestyle modification, and behavioral techniques.



Uses as a Drug

Tramadol is a pain medication prescribed for moderate to moderately severe chronic pain. Since 1977 Tramadol gives chronic pain relief in two ways.Extended release tablets are often prescribed for severe chronic pain in adults who require continuous treatment for an extended period of time.Read More...


Uses as a Drug

Butalbital/APAP/Caffeine is a muscle relaxant and non-narcotic pain reliever. It can treat tension headaches that are caused by muscle contractions in the neck and shoulder area. It also treats migraine. Butalbital is a combination of non-aspirin pain medication (acetaminophen), barbiturate sedative and caffeine. Read more...


Uses as a Drug

Darvocet (propoxyphene and acetaminophen) is a combination of a narcotic analgesic and less powerful analgesic and antipyretic used to treat moderate pain mild. Darvocet is abrand name available in the US generic versions. Darvocet is not to share with another person, mostly because it could be highly addictive to people who experienced a history of drug abuse or have tendency for addiction. Keep the medication in a place where others cannot get to it. Read more...


Uses as a Drug

Fioricet is a non-narcotic pain reliever and relaxant. It is used to treat tension headaches and migraine. It is a mix of barbiturate sedative, caffeine and non-aspirin pain medication. Read more...


Uses as a Drug

Motrin tablets are pain relievers that focus on treating pain caused by dysmenorrhea, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. It can also be used to treat back pain, headache, toothache and minor injuries. It belongs to the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory group of drugs (NSAIDs). This group works against hormones that cause inflammation and pain. Read more...


Uses as a Drug

Ultracet is unique in the sense that it can relieve acute pain, such as those that follow surgical procedures. Read more...

Tramadol or Ultram

Uses as a Drug

Ultram is a pain reliever. Also known as Tramadol, it is formulated to treat pain caused by surgery and chronic medical conditions, such as cancer or joint pain. Ultram does this by dulling the brains perception of pain. It also weakens pain signals that pass from one nerve to the next. Read more...

Disclaimer: Remember, your doctor or healthcare provider is the single best source of information regarding you and your health. Please consult your doctor if you have any questions about your health, medication, or any symptoms you may be having.