Uses as a Drug

Lipitor is a type of statin, which means it is a drug formulated to lower cholesterol. So, it is prescribed to patients who have high cholesterol and who may also have heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Lipitor lowers the cholesterol levels and breaks down the fatty substances in your blood by blocking a liver-produced enzyme that produces cholesterol. Because blood is able to flow more freely through its use, Lipitor prevents problems such as angina, heart attacks, heart disease and stroke. Of course, it is best to use the drug together with proper diet and exercise.

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Take Lipitor once

daily, with or without food. It comes in the form of a tablet so it must be taken orally. It must be taken in conjunction with a low cholesterol diet.

Safety Precautions

Tell your doctor if you are suffering from a blood disease, chronic muscular disease, liver disease or if you are pregnant or about to go through surgery. Your doctor may advise you not to take Lipitor or to take it while being closely monitored. The drug is harmful to your unborn child and even passes on to breast milk.

Missed Dose

Do not double dose on Lipitor. Only take the missed dose if you remember it soon enough. This means that if it is almost time for the next scheduled dose, you should completely skip the dose you missed.

Side Effects

Side effects you may experience while being treated with Lipinotr include blurred vision, constipation, diarrhea, dizziness, fever, gas, headache, itching, muscle cramps, muscle pain, stomach pain or upset stomach.

Drug Storage

Store Lipitor in an air-tight container, away from heat and moisture Make sure you keep it in a place where children cannot reach it.

Effects of Overdose

Seek emergency medical attention if you suspect overdose. Symptoms of Lipitor overdose have not yet been determined.

Other Information

Do not combine alcohol and Lipitor as this can harm your liver. Taking grapefruit juice with Lipitor can be harmful to your health.