Esgic Plus

Buy Esgic Plus Online (Fioricet)

Uses as a Drug

Esgic Plus is a drug formulated by treating tension headaches. It is a relaxant and a pain reliever.


Take Esgic Plus according to the prescription given to you by your doctor. The medicine comes in capsule or tablet form. So, it should be taken orally. Adults are usually advised to take one or two capsules or tablets four hours apart. However, the patient must not take more than six capsules within a 24 hour time frame if each dose contains 325mg or 500mg. Such a large total dose can be harmful.

Safety Precautions

Monitor your use of Esgic Plus as it can make you dependent on it. Do not increase your dosage if the medicine feels less strong or effective or if you are experiencing more headaches. These may be signs that you are growing to be dependent on the drug. Immediately consult your doctor about it.

Missed Dose

Follow your doctor’s instructions carefully. However, if you forget a dose, take it as soon as you remember but skip it when it is nearly time for the next scheduled dose. Double dosing can be dangerous especially since Esgic Plus can make you dependent on it.

Side Effects

If you experience several symptoms at a time or if the symptoms are severe, immediately call your doctor. Side effects that you should be on the lookout for include allergic reaction, bleeding or crusting lip sores, breathing difficulty, chest pain, confusion, depression, fever, muscle cramps, swelling, rash, reddish scaly skin, ulcers, wheezing and white spots in the mouth.

Drug Storage

Store Esgic Plus in a tight container, away from direct light, heat and moisture. Keep it away from the reach of children.

Effects of Overdose

Be careful with using Esgic Plus with CNS depressants or alcohol. These combinations may actually lead to unconsciousness or even death. If you suspect an overdose, call for emergency medical help at once as an overdose can have the same results.

Other Information

Be cautious when or completely avoid activities that can be potentially dangerous such as drinking, driving or operating machinery.