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Uses as a Drug

Alesse is a contraceptive pill that can effectively prevent pregnancy 99.9% of the time, if instructions are properly followed. The drug prevents pregnancy by containing natural hormones that prevent the sperm from reaching the uterus. The hormones can also prevent the ovary from releasing an egg.


Your doctor will usually discuss how you should take Alesse. He will most likely recommend you to take the first pill on the first Sunday of the month, usually at night time. Take only one pill at the same time every day. If you are taking the 28 cycle pill pack, you only need to take a pill a day. If, on the other hand, you are taking the 21 cycle pill pack, you take one pill a day for 21 days. Then, you do not take a pill for seven days. You resume with a new pack on the eighth day.

Safety Precautions

During your consultation with your doctor, discuss your medical history. Mention if you have angina, blood clotting disorder, hormone related cancer, asthma, heart disease, jaundice, epilepsy, liver disease, migraines, seizures and abnormal vaginal bleeding. Your doctor may adjust your dosage or may put you under closely monitored treatment. Alesse can cause/ birth defects in the unborn baby. It is also passed on to breast milk and may even decrease the supply. Alesse is not to be taken if you are pregnant. Talk to your doctor if you are breastfeeding before taking Alesse. Alesse is not as effective if taken while undergoing antibiotic treatment.

Missed Dose

Each missed dose will increase your chances of getting pregnant. So when you remember missing a dose, immediately take it unless it is almost time for the next scheduled dose. Missing a dose can cause light spotting.

Side Effects

Alesse may cause side effects such as allergic reactions, breast tenderness, change in appetite, depression, fluid retention, headache, inflammation of the pancreas, loss of scalp hair, melasma, nausea, nervousness, rash and vaginal bleeding.

Drug Storage

Store Alesse at room temperature. Keep away from children.

Effects of Overdose

Signs that you have overdosed on Alesse include drowsiness, vomiting, fatigue and withdrawal bleeding.

Other Information

Your doctor will ask for your complete medical and family history before prescribing Alesse or any other oral contraceptive. You will also undergo a physical examination. See your doctor at least once a year.