Uses as a Drug

Prozac is a psychotropic drug taken orally to medically treat bulimia nervosa, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, premenstrual dysphoric disorder and many other disorders.

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Prozac is to be taken once or twice a day, according to a doctor’s prescription. It should be taken regularly and at the same time every day. It may take 4 weeks for any definite results to be experienced. With a 3 month regular treatment regimen, effects can be felt up to 9 months after. Obsessive compulsive patients may experience results in five weeks’ time.

Safety Precautions

Prozac should not be taken if you have liver disease, diabetes or are recovering from a heart attack, unless prescribed by your doctor. Make sure, however, that your doctor is well-informed about any of your conditions, including seizures, pregnancy and plans to breastfeed. Do not take the medication if you are to perform any activity that may prove to be hazardous, especially if your alertness is greatly reduced.

Missed Dose

Do not double dose with Prozac. Take your missed dose only if you remember it on the same day you are supposed to take it.

Side Effects

The type of side effect you may develop may be one of many possible Prozac side effects. Inform your doctor once you experience a side effect, especially if it is a particularly troubling one. Common side effects that you many encounter include: strange dreams, sexual problems, vision problems, anxiety, dizziness, flu-like symptoms, loss of appetite, itching, insomnia or sleepiness, weakness, upset stomach and more. There have been a wide range of symptoms reported by different patients. Some even report personality changes and severe menstrual bleeding, among others.

Drug Storage

Store Prozac in a room with a temperature of 20-25 degrees C (68-77 F). It must be kept away from moisture.

Effects of Overdose

Overdose with Prozac can be life-threatening. So, it is important to report even a suspicion of overdose immediately. Overdose symptoms can include palpitations, seizures, sleepiness, vomiting and nausea. Serious symptoms include delirium, fainting, high fever, irregular heartbeat, rigid muscles, excessive sweating, stupor, mania, low blood pressure and finally, coma.

Other Information

Do not take MAO inhibitors within five weeks after Prozac discontinuation. This drug requires periodic re-evaluation by your doctor. Ask for your doctor’s or pharmacist’s advice if taking it with other medications.

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