Uses as a Drug

Elavil is a drug formulated to treat symptoms of depression. It can better improve endogenous depression, which is basically non-psychotic depression that may have been coming and go, than any other types of depression.

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The drug is in tablet form and therefore must be taken by mouth, one to four times a day as directed by the doctor. It can be taken with or without food. Follow prescription instructions and continue taking the drug even if you are feeling some mood improvement. If you want to stop taking the drug, you must first consult your doctor, who may gradually decrease the dosage first.

Safety Precautions

There are conditions that may not be compatible with taking Elavil. Inform your doctor if you have any of the following: asthma, intestinal or abdominal problems, heart disease, liver disease, diabetes, enlarged prostate, glaucoma, high blood pressure, thyroid disease and many others. Elavil may also be harmful to the unborn baby and the nursing child. Those over sixty years old may experience more side effects. So, inform your doctor if you are pregnant, are breastfeeding or are over sixty years old. You may require dosage adjustment or may be prohibited from taking Elavil.

Missed Dose

Take a dose once you remember missing it but do not take it if it is almost time for your next dose. You should never double your dosage.

Side Effects

There are several side effects attributed to Elavil despite the fact that side effects should be rare. Older adults may be more prone to side effects, however. Side effects may include stomach and digestive problems, sexual problems, motor problems, anxiety, confusion, slurred speech, sweatiness, increased pressure in the eye, allergic symptoms, breast development in male patients, delusions and many others.

Drug Storage

Store Elavil in a tight container and do not expose it to direct light and moisture. It should be stored at temperatures below 30 degrees Celsius.

Effects of Overdose

Immediately seek medical care if you overdose on Elavil. You can die from an overdose. Other signs you may experience are convulsions, coma, severe hypotension, CNS depression and dysrhythmias. Less serious signs may include dilated pupils, drowsiness, rigid muscles, agitation, hallucinations, confusion, hypothermia, vomiting and more.

Other Information

You should be extra cautious after a dose of Elavil. It can cause drowsiness and drowsiness, especially when taken with alcohol.