Uses as a Drug

Celexa is a prescription drug used to treat depression. It does this by balancing the chemicals in the brain that are associated with depression. Celexa is a type of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor.

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Celexa is in the form of a tablet so it is taken orally once daily with or without food. Your doctor will provide you with a dosage that fits your unique condition. Follow the instructions and continue taking Celexa up to the given time prescribed by the doctor even if you are already feeling better. The full effects will only be felt in a few weeks’ time.

Safety Precautions

During your consultation with your doctor, mention any liver or kidney disease, seizures and allergies. Mention manic thoughts, including that of suicidal ideation. Any of the following conditions mentioned may require a different dosage and careful observation. Celexa’s effect on the unborn child and to breast milk has not been determined yet. The drug passes on to breast milk but studies have not yet revealed whether this will cause any harm. So, inform your doctor at once if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Missed Dose

You should not double your prescribed dose. Only take a missed dose if there is still enough time between it and the next scheduled dose.

Side Effects

Celexa may cause the following side effects: cottony mouth, nauseas, sweating and sleepiness. Male patients may suffer from impotence, lack of sexual drive and difficulty in achieving an orgasm.

Drug Storage

The drug must be stored at a dry place kept at room temperature.

Effects of Overdose

Overdose symptoms include dizziness, nausea, sinus tachycardia somnolence, sweating and vomiting. These overdose signs may arise whether or not you combined Celexa with drugs or alcohol. Amnesia, coma, confusion, cyanosis, hyperventilation and rhabdomyolysis are sins of a more serious condition.

Other Information

Celexa can cause dizziness and drowsiness. So, it is advised that you refrain from engaging in any potentially dangerous activity, such as driving and operating machinery. You should also not mix the drug with alcohol.